Step by Step Process for DB Migration in SQL Server


Step by Step Process for DB Migration (Side by Side)

Step 1: Once the Target VM is ready, we need to install the SQL Version based on the recommendations or SOP.

Step 2: Take a backup from the Source and Copy to the Target and restore with Recovery option

Step 3: Move all the logins (by using sp_help_revlogin), Jobs, Operators, DB Mail Configurations and Server Configurations

Step 4: Move all the linked servers and if any Proxy accounts

Step 5: Enable inbound/outbound firewall rules for SQL Server/Agent Service and Browser Service

Step 6: Handover the Server to Test their application

Step 7: Once Application team confirmed, everything looks good then will align with all the stake holders/application team and Business Users and required teams and finalize the cutover date for actual migration

On the Day of Cutover, follow the below steps

Step 1: Inform to Application team to bring down the app services

Step 2: Disable if any backup policies enabled from the Third-Party Tools like EMC, NETWORKER or Veeam or Commvault

Step 3: Disable the Backup account if any

Step 4: Initiate Full backups for all the databases to Native Drive or Shared Location, Keep the backup file name in Standard Format like ServerName_DB_Name_Type_Date.bak\trn

Step 5: Connect to the target server and map the shared location or copy the backup files from the folder

Step 6: Restore the databases with No Recovery if it is a production, because if we want to take a log backup from source and then copy those t-log backups to target server and restore with recovery option

Step 7: Once log backups are restored, verify all the databases are online or not, if not take necessary action

Step 8: Fix Orphan Users by funding the sp_change_users_login ‘Report’

Step 9: Verify the Linked Servers Connections

Step 10: Verify the DB Owner Data details and change if needed and change the compatibility

Step 11: Verify the Job owner details and take necessary action if required

Step 12: Handover to the Application for Validation

Once DB Activities are completed, App team will modify their connection strings and Network team will make the ns changes and update to app team to validate

Step 13: App team will validate and confirm whether application is working or not. If any login issues troubleshoot and fix


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