Reason for suspect mode:

If one or more database files are not available.

2.      If the entire database is not available.

3.      If one or more database files are corrupted.

4.      If a database resource is being held by the operating system.

How to recover?

Ø  Scenario 1: If the file is full

Execute sp_resetstatus.

Syntax: sp_resetstatus database_name

Use ALTER DATABASE to add a data file or log file to the database.

Stop and restart SQL Server.

With the extra space provided by the new data file or log file, SQL Server should be able to complete recovery of the database

Ø  Scenario2: If the data file was damaged.

            * Take T.Log backup

            * Restore last Full backup

            * Restore T.Log backup

            * Database comes online

Ø  Scenario3: If the T.Log file was damaged

            * Take any user defined db for example: MyDB

            * Check the current location of files

                        sp_helpdb MyDB

            * Stop server

            * Move the T.Log file into different folder

            * Start server --> DB goes into suspect mode

               Select databasepropertyex ('mydb','status')

 Steps to Recover:

Step1: Make the db into single user

1) Alter database mydb set Single_User

Step2: Set the db into emergency mode

2) Alter database mydb set Emergency

Step3: Run checkdb with required repair level


Step4: Set the db into multi user mode

4) Alter database mydb set Multi_User

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