POA(Plan of Action) for Database Migration in SQL Server

Pre Migration Checklist
1 Analyze the disk space of the target server for the new database.
2 Confirm the data and log file location for the target server.
3 Collect the information about the Database properties (Auto Stats, DB Owner, Recovery Model, Compatibility level,etc).
4 Collect the information of dependent applications, make sure application services will be stopped during the database migration.
5 Collect the information of database logins, users and their permissions.
6 Check the database for the Orphan users if any.
7 Check the SQL Server for any dependent objects (SQL Agent Jobs and Linked Servers).
8 Check, if the database is part of any maintenance plan.
Database Migration Checklist
1 Stop the application services.
2 Change the database to single user mode.
3 Take the latest backup of all the databases involved in migration.
4 Stop the SQL Services on live server.
5 Copy the backup from live to destination server.
6 Restore the databases on the target server on the appropriate drives.
7 Cross check the database properties as per pre-migration checklist output.
8 Execute the output of Login transfer script on the target server, to create logins on the target server.
9 Check for Orphan Users and Fix Orphan Users. 
10 Execute DBCC UPDATEUSAGE on the restored database.
11 Rebuild Indexes ,As per the requirement.
12 Update statistics.
13 Recompile procedures.
14 Configure Full backup, Log backup, integrity check, rebuild index jobs.
Post Migration Checlklist
1 Check the integrity of database.
2 Start the application services, check the application functionality.
3 Check the SQL Server Error Log for login failures and other errors.

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