This is a 4th generated intermediate language between user and SQL Server. Whenever user wants to interact with SQL Server, he has to interact with SQL Server through T-SQL. It includes the following Sub Languages

  1. DDL (Data Definition Language)
  2. DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  3. DCL (Data Control Language)
  4. TCL (Transaction Control Language)
Things to Observe:

  1. While writing the Queries using T-SQL in SQL Server Management Studio we need not to follow any particular case. Because T-SQL is case insensitive language.
  2. After writing the Query, we need to select that query using either mouse or keyboard.
  3. Now Press F5 ( Execute Key).
  4. Then the results are displayed in a separate window called Result window or Result Pane.
  5. Use Ctrl+R to Hide/Show the Result window or Result Pane.
  6. Use F8 for Object Explorer

  1. SQL SERVER can handle nearly 32767 Databases
  2. Each Database can handle nearly 2 billion Database Objects.
  3. Each Table can handle nearly 1024 columns
  4. Each Table can handle nearly 1 million Rows.

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