Executing a SQL statement from command prompt:

Executing a SQL statement from command prompt:

Sometimes we need to execute some –T-SQL script from command prompt. This is a common requirement when some t-sql scripts are needed to be scheduled by windows scheduler.

Here I will explain how we can execute T-SQL script from command prompt. Below I created an executable file (.bat) to create a backup of AdventureWorks database so that I can schedule this executable using Windows scheduler.

 Create a text file for example c:\sql.txt and write below backup script in it:

USE master



TO DISK = 'D:\SQL_Backup\AdventureWorks.bak' WITH INIT

Create another batch file for example Backup.bat and write the below statement inside it:

sqlcmd -S ServerName -U yourLogin -P yourPassowrd -i c:\sql.txt

Now we can execute this Backup.bat file from command prompt or can schedule using windows scheduler. Thus we have scheduled a task that is not dependent on SQL server Agent service.

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