Check for CPU Pressure in SQL Server

 The following query shows resource wait time and signal wait time both in value and in percentage. This is particularly useful in ascertaining if there is CPU pressure in your SQL Server. A higher signal wait time percentage can be a sign of CPU pressure or need for faster CPU on the server.

SUM(signal_wait_time_ms) as total_signal_wait_time_ms,
SUM(wait_time_ms - signal_wait_time_ms) as resource_wait_time_ms,
SUM(signal_wait_time_ms) * 1.0/SUM(wait_time_ms) *100 as signal_wait_percent,
SUM(wait_time_ms - signal_wait_time_ms) * 1.0 /SUM(wait_time_ms) * 100 as resource_wait_percent
from sys.dm_os_wait_stats

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