Finding Fragmentation script in SQL Server

object_schema_name(ps.object_id) as ObjectSchema,
object_name (ps.object_id) as ObjectName,
ps.object_id ObjectId, as IndexName,
from sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(db_id(), null, null, null, null) ps
inner join sys.indexes i
on i.object_id = ps.object_id and
i.index_id = ps.index_id
avg_fragmentation_in_percent > 5 -- reorganize and rebuild
and ps.index_id > 0
order by avg_fragmentation_in_percent desc

Litespeed Installation Steps

Litespeed Backup tool Installation Steps

Objective & Purpose: 

To install lite-speed on SQL Standalone/Cluster server.


Below are the steps to be followed.
Launch the Litespeed installation setup and continue below steps

Click Next

Choose Accept

Install the tool in default location

Choose Complete

Enter the license information

Click Install



            This is a 4th generated intermediate language between user and SQL Server. Whenever user wants to interact with SQL Server, he has to interact with SQL Server through T-SQL. It includes the following Sub Languages

  1. DDL (Data Definition Language)
  2. DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  3. DCL (Data Control Language)
  4. TCL (Transaction Control Language)
Things to Observe:

  1. While writing the Queries using T-SQL in SQL Server Management Studio we need not to follow any particular case. Because T-SQL is case insensitive language.
  2. After writing the Query, we need to select that query using either mouse or keyboard.
  3. Now Press F5 ( Execute Key).
  4. Then the results are displayed in a separate window called Result window or Result Pane.
  5. Use Ctrl+R to Hide/Show the Result window or Result Pane.
  6. Use F8 for Object Explorer

  1. SQL SERVER can handle nearly 32767 Databases
  2. Each Database can handle nearly 2 billion Database Objects.
  3. Each Table can handle nearly 1024 columns
  4. Each Table can handle nearly 1 million Rows.