Interview Questions on AOAG in SQL server

1.What are the prerequisites for setting up AlwaysOn?

2.How do you set up replication in AlwaysOn environment?

3.How do you manage replication during Windows patching or failover if replication has been set up in AlwaysOn?

4.How do you sync logins in AlwaysOn?

5.How do you sync users in AlwaysOn secondary?

6.How do you add database files in AlwaysOn?

7.How do you perform an in-place upgrade of SQL Server in a AlwaysOn environment?

8.What is the procedure for SQL Server patching in AlwaysOn?

9.How do you failover a mirror server if replication has been set up?

10.What is the SPN concept in AlwaysOn?

11.What is file share in AlwaysOn?

12.How do you create multiple AlwaysOn listeners?

13.How do you check latency in AlwaysOn?

14.What is the command used to check latency in replication without using GUI?

15.What are DNS issues in AlwaysOn?

16.If a user is connecting to the primary and not able to connect to the secondary, and the secondary is in read-only mode, how do you fix the issue in AlwaysOn?

17.How do you fix if secondary is not in sync?

18.How do you apply TDE in AlwaysOn?

19.How do you add the databases to availability group when encryption is enabled?

20.How to check the health of AlwaysOn?

21.How to resolve if blockings occur in secondary replica due to reporting server?

22.What are the DMVs used to troubleshoot AlwaysOn?

23.How do you set backup priority in AlwaysOn?

24.How do you restore the database which is part of AG ?

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