T-SQL Script to know current sessions status in SQL Server

Use the below query to get the current SQL Server status with blocking and high CPU ordered, Use the host-name and database name to drill down.

SELECT s.session_id
    ,r.blocking_session_id 'blocked by'
    ,r.wait_time / (1000.0) 'Wait Time (in Sec)'
    ,r.total_elapsed_time / (1000.0) 'Elapsed Time (in Sec)'
    ,Substring(st.TEXT, (r.statement_start_offset / 2) + 1, (
                CASE r.statement_end_offset
                    WHEN - 1
                        THEN Datalength(st.TEXT)
                    ELSE r.statement_end_offset
                    END - r.statement_start_offset
                ) / 2
            ) + 1) AS statement_text
    ,Coalesce(Quotename(Db_name(st.dbid)) + N'.' + Quotename(Object_schema_name(st.objectid, st.dbid)) + N'.' +
     Quotename(Object_name(st.objectid, st.dbid)), '') AS command_text
FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions AS s
INNER JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests AS r ON r.session_id = s.session_id
cross APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) AS st
WHERE r.session_id != @@SPID 
--and s.host_name in ('SUPERMAN','BATMAN') 
--and dbid=DB_ID('DBAAdmin')
--and       r.cpu_time > 1000000
ORDER BY r.cpu_time DESC

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